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See some of our Frequently asked questions about our dog walking field.

  • Toilet Facilities
    There are Toilet facilities on site at the Laurel House Dog Walking Field. Access to these facilities requires a code which will be sent to you in your booking confirmation email.
  • Dog Waste
    Dog Waste must be cleaned up by you immediently. Flushable poo bags can go down the toilet, any other used bags must be taken away by you. Anyone found not to be removing waste will be BANNED.
  • What is an Enclosed Field?
    There is a big demand for enclosed spaces where dogs can be allowed off lead. Reasons include training for reactivity, recall training or just somewhere to go for peace of mind without being hassled by other people or dogs. Also a space where dogs are not in fear of chasing livestock.
  • How many dogs can we bring per person?
    The maximum of dogs permitted is 4 per adult.
  • Where is the dog walking field?
    Here is a detailed map of how to find our field which is off Ralph's Wife's Lane:
  • How many cars can we bring per booking?
    There is limited parking, therefore we only allow 2 cars maximum per booking.
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